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Ze album by INTERVIEW

The album "Only" by INTERVIEW

This real artists duet from Paris, have reinvented what it means to be awesome !. Passion, imagination, character and charisma emanate from their music,

which is why it is so well perceived by it's audience. Their Dance-Pop Sound is released via their unique vibes stamped "Made in Paris for Ze World".

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  1 - Seven and Eight

  2 - Success

  3 - Love Is Love

  4 - Only

  5 - Dance Party

  6 - Here I Am

  7 - New Life

  8 - I Live in Paris

  9 - Flying With an Angel

10 - Follow Your Dream Now

Author/Composer: Philippe PERTHUS / Martine PERTHUS

Genre: Nu Disco, Dance, Pop, Funk, Disco

Label: © 2019 INTERVIEW Music Label Production


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Interview music label production

only interview album